Fantha Tracks TV: YouTube Trailer

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You’re here on the site, hopefully you’re following us on one of our various social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), maybe you attended the first Fantha Day in December and will be coming to the second next month. All busy and full of content, but as a wise green man once said, there is another – Fantha Tracks TV.

On our YouTube channel you’ll find reviews, opinions, event coverage and much more from our contributors across the world, so subscribe and join the single file.

Hello and welcome to the YouTube wing of the Fantha Tracks Empire. On here we want to keep you up-to-date with all things Star Wars related as well as having some fun. So expect news, reviews, sillyness and general mucking about – all in the name of Star Wars – Subscribe to be part of the fun

Fantha Tracks brings together a team of experienced Star Wars reporters from around the world with the aim of bringing the latest breaking news, reviews, podcasts via our Fantha Tracks podcast network, collecting news and fan interactions from across the planet.

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Martin Keeler
Martin’s most notable achievement is organising and running the pre-party for Celebration London #Cantina at the Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 Arena, an achievement he matched in 2019 at Celebration Chicago when he helped to organised A Night At Canto Bight at the Science Museum in Chicago. Martin has also been a guest on podcasts such as RADIO 1138, Skywalking Through Neverland and Blabba the Hutt. Martin is the brains behind Fantha Tracks TV.