Get the latest Star Wars news on your Alexa enabled device

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Fantha Tracks is proud to bring you their latest product release, the Fantha Tracks news skill for Alexa enabled devices.

What is Alexa you ask, well you might have seen the commercials where someone asks something called “Alexa” to order flowers or turn on the sprinklers.  Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant built into devices such as the Amazon Echo just like Siri on Apple’s iPhone.

Say the wakeword “Alexa,” to your Echo and you have been able with a simple voice command, to play music, control smart home devices, shop on Amazon, search the internet, set reminders.  Well now you can also get the latest Star Wars news!

The Fantha Tracks Alexa skill delivers the latest five headline articles from Fantha Tracks as part of your Alexa News Flash Briefing – updated live continuously throughout the day.

Check out our short video introduction to the skill above, and follow the guide below to install it on your Alexa enabled device.

To enable Fantha Tracks news on your Alexa device.  Open your Alexa app and go to Skills on the Menu:

Type “Fantha Tracks” or “Star Wars” in the search bar:

Locate the Fantha Tracks app in the search results, and click on the app.

Click enable to add the Fantha Tracks skill to your Flash Briefing.

Now if you want the latest five Star Wars news articles posted on Fantha Tracks, just ask your Alexa device for the latest news – “Alexa, tell me the latest Star Wars news!”