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Local London News is highlighting the fact that Peter Cushing’s old house on St James’ Road in Purley is the latest to receive a blue plaque recognising the significance of the property.  Peter lived at this address for most of his school years and the current owners, the Camlett family, report regular visitors from Star Wars fans and beyond to the address.

Mr Camlett said: “When we moved in, people would often say ‘did you know Peter Cushing lived here’.

“A policeman came to the door once and we thought something was wrong.

“It turned out he was a Star Wars fan and simply wanted to talk to us about the house.

“The house suffered years of neglect, so our focus was very much on renovating, but it did occur to us that Peter Cushing touched that door knob and walked on those steps, so it was important to preserve as many elements and features of the house as possible, otherwise it would be like eradicating his existence.