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Halloween used to be a very different festival to what it is now when Irish people would carve demonic faces onto turnips to ward off bad spirits on All Hallows Eve. Following the potato famine, many Irish people moved to the United States where pumpkins replaced turnips, and Americans added a more festive meaning to Halloween.

The term Jack-O-Lantern actually originates for a derogatory term used by Americans to describe Irish pumpkin carvers. Instead of all that, now people use Halloween as an opportunity to dress up not only as scary characters, but some of their favourite characters from popular culture.

One of the most popular costumes themes in recent years has been Star Wars, thanks to the re-emergence of the franchise since it was bought by Disney. Here we have a look at some of the best Star Wars themed costumes.

Chris Moyles, Stormtrooper

In his Radio 1 days the host of the incredibly popular breakfast show may have been better suited dressing up as Jabba the Hutt for a Star Wars themed Halloween costume party. However since then he has shed most of his weight and now strikes a slender pose.

On his new show on Radio X Moyles revealed how he had bought a stormtrooper outfit at auction for an eye watering sum of money. He later revealed to listeners that he dressed in the costume for Halloween this year.

Moyles has often made mention of his love of Star Wars on the show, and his authentic outfit will have pleased Star Wars enthusiasts.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Yoda

The star of the Dark Knight Rises showed off his love for the Star Wars films as he turned up to the premiere of the latest film in 2015 dressed as Jedi master Yoda. Now in terms of quality, it certainly wasn’t the best effort you’ve ever seen.

Gordon-Levitt was painted head to toe in green face paint and was wearing pyjamas and a white bathroom rode with floppy ears held up by a beanie hat. The only real tell-tale sign that he was Yoda was the colour of his skin. Other than that it was a pretty awful attempt at a costume, but top marks for trying Joseph!

Cara Delevinge, Jabba the Hutt

Most people would expect the stunning British model to dress up as Princess Leia, however Delevinge chose an altogether funnier outfit as the dressed up as space blob Jabba the Hutt. Wileding two lightsabers Delvinge was pictured tentatively moving in the humongous outfit.

Similarly to Gordon-Levitt’s effort, it wasn’t the best in terms of authenticity as it looked like a cheap PVC suit, but again top marks for creativity, bravery and originality. This costume certainly gave us a giggle.