Watch young Cameron as he tries on his new BB-8 arm

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your lips and a glow to your heart then you must be made of stone. Watch young Cameron as he receives his brand new BB-8 arm.

11-year-old Cameron is the biggest Star Wars fan in the galaxy, so we surprised him with a set of Star Wars BB-8 covers for his bionic Hero Arm, which is the world’s first 3D printed multi-grip bionic arm ✨

Star Wars Playskool Heroes Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base
  • Play with BB-8 in droid mode or open him up to reveal an exciting playset
  • Includes Rey (Resistance Outfit) and BB-8 figures
  • Activate lights and sounds with the press of a button
  • Rey (Resistance Outfit) figure has power-up feature