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Geek fashion retailer Musterbrand continue to add to their Star Wars collection. The latest piece is a Rebel Pilot Jacket to add to your everyday cosplay.

Whether you are bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16 Skyhopper or blowing up Death Stars in your 65B X-Wing, you will stand out amongst the other rebels in this reversible Pilot Bomber Jacket. Wear it gray-side out with a large red rebel symbol on the back or flip it and reverse it to radiate your surroundings in iconic orange emblazoned with the rebel logo on the chest.

The ultimate Rebel Pilot Jacket for your daily cosplay, fully reversible, in Musterbrand quality Rebel Logo on the chest of the orange side Rebel Symbol on the back of the grey side
The jacket is €169 and available now for pre-order at Musterbrand.