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Star Tours re-opens on 17th November, bringing new worlds from The Last Jedi into the 30 year old ride.

However, it appears – via Walt Disney News Today – that our familiar prequel and original trilogy characters won’t get to mix it up with the current sequel trilogy characters.

What does this mean? Well, an entirely new opening sequence featuring characters from Episodes 7 and 8 will debut, followed by the Jakku sequence, a transmission from BB-8 (and maybe even some other new characters), and then finally, the new Crait sequence featuring the planet from The Last Jedi.

At a later time to be determined, guests will then have a choice between two paths in the attraction, culminating in ride sequences that either feature characters from the current trilogy (episodes 7-8) or those from the past (episodes 1-6). Think of this like Mission:Space at Epcot, where guests can choose between two different versions of the ride.