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What should be the topic for a dissertation? The choice of a topic for a dissertation is more than a choice of a university after school: a person already has a good store of knowledge and experience in research. And yet on the way to a degree, this stage can already become quite difficult to pass. However, the most important thing is to write a dissertation on a topic that is really interesting to you. You can take an interesting film or book as a topic for your dissertation. For example, Star Wars can be a great dissertation topic, and now we’ll tell you why.


Star Wars Spans Over 10 Genres

Critics classify the saga in a dozen different genres. Star Wars has a lot of sources: spaghetti westerns, science fiction, and knightly stories. This is a tale about princes and princesses, only they do not rule over small earthly kingdoms, but entire planets and galaxies. Instead of faithful horses – starships, instead of soldiers – attack aircraft. Magicians – Jedi Knights, armed not only with knowledge but also with lightsabers, help them. This is a new genre that has filled archetypes with a new meaning, given modernity to old legends and full of the true spirit of adventure.

It awakes in each viewer a deeply (or not very deeply) hidden inner child or teenager, the franchise convinces – there are fairy tales, miracles are possible, and everyone can become a part of them: a farmer, a scavenger, a smuggler or a princess.


Star Wars Discovers the Origin of Human Conflicts and a Looks at the Present Day

This film is an amazing material for analyzing the deep psychological layers of our culture and our consciousness. Of course, like everything that comes from Hollywood, this film is also an accurate reflection of a certain mentality and outlook on current political events. This has always been the case: for example, in the first episodes of the saga, you can easily find echoes of Vietnam or the Cold War. However, if you are not yet ready to conduct such a deep analysis yourself, then we recommend that you turn to the essay writing site for help, there you may order cheap dissertation.

When you analyze, you will see many parallels with our reality. At the same time, George Lucas successfully avoids open opportunism: his films invariably retain the spirit of an ancient myth or even a biblical legend. It is no coincidence, for example, that one of the main characters, Grand Master of the New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker, like Moses, does not know who his father is. And, like the ancient king Oedipus, he must defeat his unknown father.


Star Wars is the Autobiography of George Lucas

Along with ancient myths, archetypes, and historical events, Lucas encrypted the details of his own biography in Star Wars. Here are just a few of the correspondences from the director’s life and his MCU:

  • Luke Skywalker’s name is easily recognizable as Lucas. In addition, at school, the future filmmaker bore the nickname “Luke”.
  • the director calls Joseph Campbell his mentor, and, as we know, the heroes of “Star Wars” also necessarily have mentors: Luke Skywalker has Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the latter, in turn, has Master Yoda. It is curious that for Campbell, a mentor, the German Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, was also important.
  • according to Campbell’s theory, the plot twists and turns should be reflected in the hero’s worldview. Much like Luke Skywalker gets changed in the Death Star, Lucas changed a lot at a young age after a car accident. It was after her that he began to think about the meaning of life and the need to leave his mark, which at first was expressed in his passion for science fiction, and then for cinema.
  • Luke Skywalker has a rather dubious friend Han Solo, a trickster who breaks the established rules, is not credible, but, nevertheless, always comes to the rescue at the last moment. The analog of Han Solo in the life of Lucas is Francis Ford Coppola, an older comrade with a rebellious warehouse, with whom American Zoetrope was founded.
  • The heroes of “Star Wars” to achieve their goal constantly take risks associated with the possibility of death or, at best, be left with nothing. Launching Star Wars was no less risky for Lucas. After the success of American Graffiti, the director could have continued to use the already tried-and-true formula, but he chose to create something new.
  • Weaving elements of his biography into the dramatic fabric of Star Wars, Lucas seemed to confirm the universality of his story. It is not for nothing that many researchers and fans of the saga argue that its attraction for them lies in the fact that “every viewer can see himself here.”


Summing up

When searching for a topic, we advise you to honestly ask yourself: “Is it interesting?” If you can present your idea in a few words to another person in a way that makes them interested too, you’ve found what you were looking for. We’ve shown you how you can choose Star Wars for your dissertation topic and how many aspects you can discuss. Believe me, this can be done with absolutely any piece. Get inspired and good luck!