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In the first in what we hope is many posts on StarWars.com, Bobby Moynihan reveals what his favourite scene in Star Wars is….well, for the moment at least.

I truly love the Star Wars universe. I don’t think I have been shy about being a fan in the past and I have no plans to start now. I love Star Wars. I love the way it looks and feels. I love that it’s a perfect marriage of ideas in George Lucas’ head and visions in Ralph McQuarrie’s beautiful brain. I love that it’s a language if you find the right person. I love puppets and monsters and foreign planets and costumes and practical sets and miniatures and CGI and minutia and minor characters and iconic villains and and Easter eggs and endless backstory and the score and the originals and the prequels and the current films and where it’s all headed. I love that I am part of it.

Okay. Back to the question. Favorite scene? Shoot. That’s hard. Um…wow. I don’t know. It changes? Daily? It has changed? It will change again?

What is it today? The entire Jabba’s palace sequence.