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Between 1999 and 2009 Lightsabre.co.uk brought news, fanfic, podcasts and much, much more to the masses. Our one hundred and twenty-ninth guest portrayed the hapless Rodian bounty hunter who became an icon – Paul Blake.

Lightsabre – Paul, welcome to Lightsabre.

MB – Yo.

Lightsabre – Greedo was a fan favorite from the very start, and one of the first alien action figures, which cemented him in the affections of Star Wars fans the world over. What is it about him that makes him such a memorable character?

PB – He was inept, clumsy, had poor coordination and was very poorly equipped for the job of assassin! He also had a halitosis problem but he was eager to please and it was unfortunate that his first job out of assassin college was Han Solo!

Lightsabre – How did you initially get the role?

PB – I was working with Anthony Daniels at the BBC in Jackanory and he rang me and asked if I would see George!

Lightsabre – You share the role with Maria de Aragon, due to reshoots in the UK and in California. How did that work, and which scenes did you shoot?

PB – Yes we were both in the green suit! However I initially shot lots of stuff with the original Jabba The Hutt (the great Declan Mulholland) who was cut after GL decided that Jabba should be physically huge and much more ‘alien’ so a lot of the scenes I did with Harrison went and George was left with the task of fitting it all together neatly.

I had finished my shoot by then so when George came to look at what was left Greedo’s scenes were sadly few! He had little close ups and the costume (particularly the head shots) seemed clumsy and needed detailing – so he shot more articulated stuff later in the states but all the stuff with Harrison is me!

Indeed strangely I do appear in a later scene by the ramp under the Millennium Falcon as Greedo after my death!!!!! And there’s lots of stuff I shot in the three weeks I was on the movie which must be gathering dust at Skywalker Ranch!

Lightsabre – There was huge controversy in 1997 when the Special Editions came out and it appeared that Greedo shot first, missed Solo from across a table and got fried? What were your feelings on that?

PB – Hey I have the Han Shot First tee-shirt- nuff said!

Lightsabre – Star Wars isn’t the only job on your CV. Tell us a bit about your wider career. You were in the legendary Crossroads for a good portion of your career. What was life like in Kings Oak?

PB – Well if 6 months was a good portion then yes! I was in theatre for 30 years everywhere from Glasgow to Hong Kong. I toured all over the world for many years with Derek Nimmo meeting a young blade called Bulloch (don’t know what happened to him) I did movies in Vienna and Europe Hong Kong and GB and worked in Singapore and Hong Kong for several years in TV Film and Commercials.

I have done more TV in the UK than I can care to recall (The Borgias/Melissa/Down to Earth/Wycliffe/etc, etc) and many plays from the West End (The Brothers Karamazov) to Hull!! I am working for the BBC this week!

Crossroads was fab. I was Colin Sands, a recalcitrant youth in love with Miss Dianne and I only did it because I wanted to walk through the shaky motel doors!!

Lightsabre – You also appeared on Jackanory, a show many British readers will remember fondly. Can you remember what story you told on your episodes?

PB – I was in the Christmas special called I think The Christmas Cherries.

Lightsabre – Knowing you support West Bromwich Albion, as a fellow Baggies fan I would be negligent if I didn’t ask your thoughts on our chances of staying in the Premier League this year.

PB – Great to get there eh! Not sure if we’ll be staying!

Lightsabre – You were the recipient of a Swindon Oscar for your role as Greedo in Star Wars. What was it like, walking the red carpet to receive your gong? And what does a Swindon Oscar look like?

PB – It’s a rather nicely cast piece of plastic which was a charming idea and much appreciated by all of us, certainly since coming twenty-third in the mile in my Brummie school it’s the only award I’ve ever won!

Lightsabre – If you could change one thing about Star Wars what would it be?

PB – My hair!

Lightsabre – A quick question about Lightsabre. Any comments?

PB – Very interesting but I have to be honest I don’t spend a great deal of time on the net!

Lightsabre – Thanks for being our guest. One final question. Greedo, Bossk and Dengar are sharing a drink in the cantina when Boba Fett walks in and asks where Han Solo is. The three bounty hunters are wary, but full of bravado. Which one stands up and tells the galaxies best bounty hunter where to get off, and what happens after he does?

PB – Greedo would immediately insult the poor quality of the tailoring of the Fett’s suit pointing out that a good assassin is a well dressed assassin – ! He would then excuse himself immediately as an urgent call from Mrs Greedo required him to go home!

This interview was originally posted on lightsabre.co.uk on 7th December 2008.