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On September 14th the channel/site TTV Entertainment will hold the Star Wars Londrina Fan Meeting, in Londrina – Paraná – Brazil. The goal is to gather fans of saga on a full day of franchise programming, with exclusive content and more. The event will also feature store stands for commercialization, saga-related products, cosplayer participation, giveaways, food and live music.

The event provides for effective participation of 500 people, all day stream rotating because the format of the event generates visitation at times distinct from programming. The meeting will be held in the space of the Cultural HALL, at Rua Professor João Cândido, 1156 – Centro.

Panels are scheduled with the guests: The Three Elements, formed by Fernando Caruso, Rafael Studart and Ulysses Mattos, who made room in their work agendas with humor to make presentations addressing the topic of their favorite hobbies: comics, video games, movies, video games board and RPG. Mixing live debate with interaction from audience, improvisation games and stand-up comedy.

For those here in Brazil, the event takes place on September 14th from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM in Londrina – Paraná Brazil. To enter, the ticket is the donation of 1 package of coffee.