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The Império de Casa Verde, located in the city of São Paulo. Brazil, announced via its board that there will be many surprises during the official parade that will be held on March 1st. The first to be revealed is precisely what is considered the heart of the association, to further enliven this legion of fans of the saga. The school’s drummers will perform with a custom instruments with the image of one of the main characters – Darth Vader.

With the theme of The Empire Strikes Back, conceived by the carnivalesque Flávio Campello, the samba school will pay tribute to the 124 years since the first ever film was broadcast by the Lumiere Brothers. During the parade, it will be possible to identify the main Hollywood classics with some sections dedicated to the Star Wars saga.

Groups like Blades Saber Club Brazil, Army of Darkness, Conselho Jedi SP, 501st and Rebel Legion Polis Massa will participate in the parade on Friday March 3rd at the invitation of the Samba school, wait for many surprises for this 1st. parade day.