Build your own X-wing from DeAgostini: Launching August 2018

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We’ve had the magnificent Star Wars Fact Files, the award-winning Build The Millennium Falcon, the essential Star Wars Helmets Collection and Build R2-D2 and now DeAgostini bring us their latest release, Build your own X-wing.

It was trialled in a select number of regions recently and now the full and frankly gorgeous series is coming our way next month.

The Star Wars X-wing model: A stunning re-creation of the legendary X-wing
Based on Luke Skywalker’s Red Five starfighter from Star Wars: A New Hope, our highly detailed 1:18-scale model is a stunning re-creation of the legendary X-wing!

Each issue of the 1:18 scale model X-wing comes with detailed magazines, which include step-by-step build instructions, and fascinating Star Wars facts and insights!

Incredible model features and scale
Our new 1:18-scale Star Wars X-wing model is a massive, must-have replica for all Star Wars fans. Its many incredible features include a detailed miniature R2-D2, complete with light-up sensors and moving head!

– 20 inches long

– 7.3 inches high

– 25.6-inch wingspan

– 1:18 scale

– incredible model features including miniature R2-D2

– high level of detail