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Star Wars News Net take a look at the new Solo: A Star Wars Story monopoly board and try to figure out some elements of the film from what they can make out in the image.

Some of the spaces on the board are hard to make out given the resolution of the photo, but there are still several things we can discover from the game board concerning the various ships and locations mentioned that may give us some clues about the overall plot of the movie.

Starting with the obvious, the “Community Chest” cards have been replaced by “Scoundrel” cards. Likewise, the “Smuggler” cards serve as the “Chance” cards, and the Railroads from the regular version of Monopoly have been replaced by various ships and vehicles seen in Solo. The “Income Tax” and “Luxury Tax” spaces have also been dubbed “Debt” and “Mercenary Fee” respectively.

The four corners of the game board remain the same as the original version of the game, from “Go” to “Jail/Just Visiting”, “Free Parking”, and the dreaded “Go to Jail” space. However, all the spaces in between have been changed to match the Solo theme.

As you know, in Monopoly several spaces are connected together using the same color, which lead us to consider them part of the same location in the movie. Still, not always locations are arranged in chronological order on Monopoly. Keeping that in mind, you will see below that actually the arrangement in the Solo Monopoly is pretty close to what we think the chronology of the movie will be.

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