Hot Wheels: The Mandalorian in ‘I thought The Child was with YOU!’

The Mandalorian ship lands on a desert planet and we see a door open and The Mandalorian and Cara Dune exit with The Child following closely behind. They approach a rockface with a large metallic door and knock, wait, knock again, facing the door. A trap door opens behind them and below The Child. The Child completely disappears! Desperate to find their charge they search the area frantically. Finally, The Mandalorian turns and takes aim to ram the door. The door opens just before he hits it and The Mandalorian goes flying. Cara Dune follows to make sure he’s ok and then they proceed to chase The Child but can’t seem to catch him. Needless to say, there are Stormtroopers involved in this stop motion saga. Keep watching for the action-filled ending.

The HW THE MANDALORIAN Character Cars™ vehicles includes:
The Mandalorian
The Child
Cara Dune
Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

Look for The Child Character Car™ in stores near you in February 2021. Be sure to check back on the Hot Wheels® channel for more mini collection videos to come!

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