2nd February 2021 sees the arrival of Star Wars The High Republic: Into The Dark, the first entry in the era of The High Republic from author Claudia Gray and she spoke with Dan Zehr, writing for StarWars.com, about the story, her excitement for the launch and the wider era.

StarWars.com: So now, of course, you’re literally in this brand new place. What has the collaboration been like for you and your fellow authors?

Claudia Gray: Honestly, I think the [author] Slack channel is the most fun part of this entire thing. At this point we know what’s going on with everybody’s kids and everybody’s dogs. And I get advice from Justina Ireland about baking sometimes. And she’s really good! I’ve spent quarantine getting competent at it and, God help me, I have done it. And that was knowledge I was not meant to possess, I don’t think. [Laughs]

It’s really great being able to talk about not just The High Republic, but to sort of have this community of authors. We weigh in with advice on each other’s other projects and things like that. So it’s been a really fascinating process. I did not realize how collaborative it would be. I mean, I didn’t think “I will be talking to at least a couple of these people pretty much every day.” And I do.

StarWars.com: We’re obviously not going to go into spoilers so that everybody can enjoy the book, but what can you talk about regarding how the book has evolved since the announcement?

Claudia Gray: It’s not like there was an idea of the book before there was the collaboration or before there was the universe. It grew very organically out of that, like what are the different stories we need to tell in this universe? With this being a new cast of characters, and all the different starter books, we get to introduce our own people, their own situations, but it’s all part of this one big puzzle. And so I got to have a little side quest; I think the young adult novel could kind of count as that. It’s separate from a lot of the things that are going on, but there are also some setups for a lot of things that you’re going to see later. Is that vague enough? [Laughs]

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Star Wars The High Republic: Into the Dark
  • Hardcover Book
  • Gray, Claudia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 02/02/2021 (Publication Date) - Disney Lucasfilm Press (Publisher)