Star Wars 100 Interview: Meet Legendary Lando – Billy Dee Williams Interview

Smooth many people say of his character Lando Calrissian and DJ (Darryl James – Trigger World: Elite author) got to interview the actor in both Sydney and Los Angeles. Billy recalls fondly his times with George Lucas and being a part of the Original Trilogy.

These interviews were filmed at a SW Celebration in 2007 and recently rediscovered, edited and uploaded to YouTube in 2020. It is just 1 segment of over 300 filmed with over 100 different performers who have appeared in a Star Wars movie. Check back often as more are coming weekly.

We are a tiny channel with huge content … access to the stars of Star Wars and more. We even got lucky enough to film at Skywalker Ranch (see Matt Wood & Rick McCallum interviews for that content).
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