The team over at io9 have compiled all of the various Star Wars posters and lithographs available at New York Comic Con and here’s a look at what’s on offer.

EricTan’s End of a Saga, a 12 x 36 inch print in an edition of 300 and costs $50.

For Luck by Matt Fergusson, available in three editions. The 36 x 24 inch regular version, in an edition of 300, that costs $50, the 36 x 24 inch foil version, edition of 150, that costs $60 and the 40 x 30 inch quad version in an edition of 100 that costs $100.

Princess Leia Organa by by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos which comes in two editions. Each is a run of 250, 24 x 36 inches, and costs $50.

Rule the Empire by Tom Walker. This 24 x 36 inch print comes in a blue edition for 250 (which costs $50) and a red variant, limited to 100 for $60.

His Deeds Will Not Be Forgiven Until He Merits  by Anthony Petrie in a 24 x 36 inch regular edition of 150 (which costs $50) and the variant version in an edition of 75. That costs $65.

Karl Fitzgerald has done three different pieces based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The first two are each 18 x 24 inches in an edition of 150 and cost $50. They’re called Projection and Sunset.

There’s also Sacred Tree, which is a 24 x 36 inch print in both a regular edition of 175 (costing $50) and a variant edition of 100, which costs $60.