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Writing over at the BBC website, Christian Blauvelt takes a look at the quite frankly bonkers posters from Eastern Europe during the 80’s as the original Star Wars trilogy arrived in that part of the world, starting a fervent fandom that still burns strong today.

Hungarian Return of the Jedi poster by Tibor Helényi

Okay, so maybe Tibor Helényi is repeating himself here by including another strange lizard creature that is nowhere to be found in the film itself. But you’ve got to love how the second Death Star forms one of Darth Vader’s eyes. Helényi’s work is absolutely singular, and it’s very much worth the time of anyone interested in graphic design to explore some of his other movie posters, as well. His poster for Ben-Hur depicts the famed chariot race and Christ’s crucifixion by way of Dali’s Hallucinogenic Toreador, while his art for Akira Kurosawa’s Kagemusha imagines a medieval European jouster in place of the film’s story about feudal Japan. (Credit: Tibor Helényi)