Our good chum Gav aka The Retro Draughtsman is going through a blue period, by offering some limited edition blueprint style versions of some of his artwork.

Of particular interest to Star Wars fans will be the Millennium Falcon print but also available are a Firefly, Ed-209 and the Back to the Future Delorean.

The limited edition blueprint versions are now available but only 50 copies of each will be available, all signed and numbered. Follow the links below for each one

FIREFLY – https://www.theretrodraughtsman.co.uk/product-page/firefly-serenity-limited-edition-blueprint-art
MILLENNIUM FALCON – https://www.theretrodraughtsman.co.uk/product-page/millennium-falcon-limited-edition-blueprint-art
ED-209 – https://www.theretrodraughtsman.co.uk/product-page/robocop-ed209-limited-edition-blueprint-art
DELOREAN – https://www.theretrodraughtsman.co.uk/product-page/back-to-the-future-delorean-limited-edition-blueprint-art

And be sure to tell Gav that we sent you!