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Carlisle Comic Con takes place on 16th March at the Richard Rose Central Academy, Victoria Place in Carlisle and the latest guest to join the event is Biggs Darklighter himself, Garrick Hagon.

Garrick Hagon is a Canadian actor on film, stage, television and radio, best known for his role as Biggs Darklighter in Star Wars: A New Hope.

His many films include Batman, Spy Game, Me and Orson Welles and The Message. He has played Ky and the undertaker in Doctor Who, and played Simon Gerrard, Debbie Aldridge’s husband in the BBC’s The Archers.

Garrick is joined by Return of the Jedi actor Michael Carter and sequel trilogy and Rogue ONe performer Ian Whyte.

Our very own Andy Lyth will be stage hosting at the event, and tickets are available here.