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This week the review team at Roqoo Depot have reviewed our Spring Fair episode of Making Tracks. Huge thanks as always to the Roqoo Depot review team for listening to our shows, we always appreciate the feedback.

Making Tracks: Making Tracks at Spring Fair 2019 Mark and Matt record from the Spring Fair in Birmingham as they talk about the various Star Wars products there. Lot of background noise in this one, but for the most part, it’s not too annoying. The one bit with the coffee machine is fairly bad, but afterwards is better.

Podcast Network: Fantha Tracks Radio
Runtime: 25 minutes
Audio Quality: Okay
Production Quality: Okay
Hosts: Dave, and Mark
Rating: Good

We absolutely can’t argue with the coffee machine, Matt insisted that we stop recording but  I said nope, we’re recording in a Starbucks, so you get what you get.

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