Fantha Day – A Star Wars Family Fun Day From Fantha Tracks takes place on the 30th November, the day before Farthest From 21 and the event brings to Fordingbridge Paul McQue who played a Rebel MP in Rogue One.

For our 5th guest at Fantha Day – A Star Wars Family Fun Day From Fantha Tracks we are taking it back to the original trilogy era story-line, specifically to #RogueOne: A Star Wars Story.

Paul McQue appeared as a Military Police Officer, coordinating security in the briefing room on the secret Rebel Base on Yavin 4. Paul has appeared in many other productions including #KickAss2, #MissionImpossibleFallout, #OutlawKing, #Outlander, #Pennyworth and #TheCrown.

This will be Paul’s first ever public signing, so make sure you join us on Saturday 30th of November at Fordingbridge Town Hall, Hampshire.

Join Fantha Tracks for the biggest Fantha Day yet.

Please note there will be a charge for signings. #starwars #starwarsautographs #fanthaday

If you’re looking for a fun pre-Christmas Star Wars day to get excited for The Rise of Skywalker, what better place to do it than in the New Forest at one of the UK’s most well respected and fun weekend events? Head to our Farthest From landing page for more info – if the details you need aren’t there, drop us a line – and we’ll see you for some pre-TROS celebrations in Fordingbridge.