London Film & Comic Con kicks off in just over two weeks time, hitting Olympia in London on the weekend of 27th to the 29th July 2018 and now there are extra options regarding Ray Park at the show.

We are excited to announce two new options for Ray Park fans at London Film & Comic Con!

On Saturday night, 7:30pm, there will be a special Martial Arts Demonstration & Jedi Choreography Exhibition by Ray Park. Come hear him talk about his long history of martial arts and his ethos behind his training, and witness a live demonstration. As this event takes place after regular show hours a daytime event ticket isn’t needed to access this – you just need a ticket for this special presentation.

We are also now providing a Diamond Pass option for Ray Park. The Diamond Pass will include his talk during the daytime on Sunday. Full details can be found on our website:

Ray will be joined by fellow Star Wars alumni:

Peter Mayhew
Jeremy Bulloch
Ray Park
Jimmy Vee
Shauna MacDonald
Michael Culver
Daniel Naprous
Angela Staines
Richard Glover
Ole Kristian Uglum
Ivy Wong
Dave Barclay
Harley Durst
Temirlan Blaev
Penny McCarthy
Bob Spiker
Syd Wragg
Mike Edmonds
Kenneth Colley
Kim Falkinberg
Julian Glover
Mike Quinn
Rodney Tosh
Simon Williamson
Frank Henson
John Modridge

Remember, Fantha Tracks bring you the LFCC Star Wars Fandom Zone. The Zone will be packed with costume groups, fan sites, props, exhibitors, official licensees and actors from the movies. It’s free to enter and will be one of the busiest and most exciting areas of the convention across the weekend. If you have any interest in Star Wars then you need to visit.

Make sure you book your tickets by clicking here and we’ll see you there.