It was announced today that Mark Hamill will be performing the voice of Kevin The Robot in the geek centric British musical Eugenius!

Produced by Warwick Davis, Mark now joins fellow Star Wars alumni, Brian Blessed, who narrates as Star Lord and Michael Jibson, who is credited as choreography director.

The show opened this past Monday and is scheduled to run until March 3rd at The Other Palace, Westminster, London.

“I am thrilled to be the voice of a character in this new British Musical, and to be supporting Warwick in his new venture.” said Mark Hamill  “‘Kevin The Robot’ is a small but important cameo in this nostalgic show which is currently taking London by storm.”

I was lucky enough to be there on opening night (and had the pleasure of saying hello to Warwick) this past Monday, so I can tell you, without giving too much away, that Kevin The Robot has a hint of Johnny-Five from Short Circuit about him.

That’s just one of many, MANY, 80’s pop culture references in the show, which is ultimately a musical about friendship, inner strength and turning dreams into reality. With references to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, He-Man, Flash Gordon to name but a few, this musical is aimed at a geeks instead of a typical West End audience.

Eugenius! boasts a ton of totally original songs that you’ll go nuts for even on first hearing – Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins have written a show full of instantly addictive hits – and they’ll be buzzing in your brain for the rest of the year.

Plus there’s a sassy script that’ll make you laugh, gasp, sing, cry, and shout ‘Go Eugenius!’ along with everyone else.

This is a show where geeks rule, dreams do come true, and everyone finds the superhero inside themselves – now they know where to look. Honestly? You already need to see it again!

And I do need to see it again! I’ll have more to say about it after seeing it a second time weekend. Go Eugenius!

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