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During her MCM London Comic Con panel for the second season of Channel Four show The End of the F****** World, Naomi Ackie was asked about her part in The Rise of Skywalker, specifically the differences between filming on a comparatively small scale TV show and a huge Hollywood blockbuster.

Naomi Ackie: “I actually did Star Wars first and then I went straight onto this job. It was welcome, it was really welcome. That job (Star Wars) is a machine and it’s like a lot of physical work involved, a lot of running. I did a lot of running on that film (laughs). Albeit an amazing job, it’s so big sometimes, the pressure you feel is quite large. So moving onto this and having a character that’s completely different. Jannah is like heroic and on a horse, Orback, fighting the bad guys and then Bonnie (her character in End of the F****** World) is a lot on the darker side of things and there’s a really complicated inner world there that I had to work on which was just a different way of working so it was a really pleasant shift. And also on a smaller set you just get to talk to people more. There’s a smaller community of people and I really liked it.”