As we nudge ever closer to the opening of Galaxy’s Edge, we’re all getting very excited about what we’ll see and do at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.  However, have you thought about when your adventure will take place? Let’s have a look at what we think we know so far, and try to lock down when it all takes place.

To do this we have looked at three aspects that hopefully pinpoint a specific time in the Star Wars timeline. They involve Kylo Ren, Rey’s Speeder and the Millennium Falcon.  As with everything, until this is confirmed it’s purely speculation but there is some compelling evidence.

The Millennium Falcon

You will notice in the picture below of the semi-constructed Falcon on Batuu (photo credit to @bioreconstruct) that the Falcon that’s been built in Galaxy’s Edge has the rectangular dish as seen in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

‘No surprise there’ I guess you are saying, as we know that the rides take place during the Resistance and First Order era.  However, the appearance of this dish pretty much identifies the latest time that this Falcon could appear.  In The Last Jedi during the Battle of Crait, this rectangular dish was shot off by a First Order TIE fighter. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the next time we see the Falcon it will have yet another dish in its place. If you check out the pictures below you’ll see it get blasted and continues the remainder of the battle without a dish.

Of course, it could transpire that the Falcon gets a “like for like” replacement but A) that would be no fun and B) just think of the obvious missed toy sales opportunities.  It’s a safe bet that the next time we see the Falcon the dish will look different, so from a timeline perspective this would mean that your adventures at Galaxy’s Edge could take place no later than the Falcons arrival at Crait.

Rey’s Speeder

According to the excellent Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Facebook page Rey’s speeder will be present for you to see whilst lining up for Smugglers Run.

It’s best to let them explain:

“Rey on Batuu?? – Just found out Rey’s Speeder from TFA will be at Batuu!

As you are waiting in the queue line for “bird” (Smuggler’s Run) there is an open door/vent and you see her speeder inside. (see image location) I don’t believe you can go into the room, but it part of the “scenery” of the queue. Now we get to wonder why her speeder is there. (Maybe there are more like it in the SW universe?”

We know that there is only one speeder in existence as it was custom-made by Rey – to quote the databank

“Rey’s Speeder is an ungainly but powerful repulsorlift vehicle built by the young scavenger from salvaged parts.”

So, in relation to Galaxy’s Edge we can now safely say that your adventure will take place after Rey leaves Jakku and before the Battle of Crait. However, there is one more thing that narrows the timeline even further….

Kylo Ren

In the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Behind the Scenes at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort video published by Disney Parks on the 25 December 2018 when talking about the Rise of the Resistance ride, Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative Executive Scott Trowbridge says that the ride:

“invites you to be a recruit of the resistance, to stand up against the First Order, and you even come face-to-face with Kylo Ren.”

This statement is accompanied by this image in the video: (which infers that it is an image from the ride itself).

Trowbridge also presented at the D23 2017 “Disney Parks and Resorts Panel” and confirmed that Kylo Ren would be in Galaxy’s Edge.  His presentation was accompanied by this piece of concept art.

(you can watch the full presentation on DAPS MAGIC’s youtube channel here)

This concept image was also later given out on trading cards to promote Galaxy’s Edge.

It looks very likely that we will meet a masked Kylo Ren at Galaxy’s Edge, suggesting that it takes place before he destroyed his mask near the beginning of The Last Jedi.

However, we can’t discount the idea that Kylo Ren has his mask remade after the events of Jedi, which is why the Falcon and the mask are both so important. It’s highly unlikely that both an identical replacement mask and an identical replacement radar dish will be present in Episode IX.

All in all, making an educated guess, we think it likely that guest adventures on Batuu will take place sometime between the end of The Force Awakens and the Battle of Crait scenes in The Last Jedi.

As previously mentioned, this is completely speculative and without any official confirmation.  Maybe it will be revealed in one of the upcoming literature releases?

Whenever it takes place it sounds like it’s going to be an awesome experience.

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