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The circle is now complete….

For those who did not know, Levi’s jeans have a strong Force connection to the Star Wars franchise as they appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope on Luke Skywalker! You may not have recognised them as they were bleached to give him that desert planet look.

As the final film in the Skywalker Saga nears more announcements ware being made at starwars.com and this one has certainly caught our eye.

Jonathan Cheung, the senior vice president of design innovation at Levi’s spoke to starwars.com about the collection and how it came about. He explained how excited he was about the collection and how the new collection is sure to be a hit with fans whether you want to be subtle in your fandom fashion or not.

“Essentially it’s kind of T-shirts and jeans, which is the Levi’s uniform,” Cheung says. But it’s anything but business as usual.

The simplest and most subtle piece in the collection are jeans with May The Force Be With You stitched into the seam, Cheung told starwars.com 

 “It is such a universal uplifting phrase, you know?” Cheung says. “It’s the kind of thing you might tell yourself or your children before you face a particular challenge.” And the technique itself invokes “several layers of nerdiness” in terms of the history of Levi’s denim and weaving processes overall. “It tends to be much more rare and much more expensive and I think we went the extra mile with this by customizing that selvedge,” Cheung says.

Leave them uncuffed and no one will even know you’re wearing a piece of Star Wars apparel. “It’s their personal secret. If they didn’t cuff the jeans up, no one would know at all. So we wanted that as well. If you know, you know.”

Other pieces in the collection include Jackets with iconic pictures from the O.T to t-shirts with vintage toys printed with the Levi’s logo.

Another t-shirt that caught our eye was the one with Princess Leia on it. Of this one Cheung said,

It was about evoking the strength of both the character and the actor who portrayed her. “We wanted to pay respect to Carrie Fisher and also what Leia stood for, so we were looking for an iconic image that kind of projected that. There were quite a few we could have used. That was the one we landed on. A real strong portrait of Leia.”

The least subtle of all the collection is the Trucker jacket and 501 jeans with images from the Rebel Alliance versus the Death Star dogfight in A New Hope. This is certainly the most outlandish yet stunning piece of the collection.

“That’s the highlight of the first movie and one of the most iconic pieces of cinematic history of all time,” Cheung says.“Let’s put it on one of the most iconic pieces of clothing.”“What that creates is this amazing starry outfit that’s quite spectacular and I hope people feel the exhilaration and the thrill of it just as much as we do.”

The new Star Wars X Levi’s collection will be on sale starting November 1st. To see the full range, go to starwars.com.