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While the most shocking revelation in all of Star Wars – all of cinema –  concerns a father and son, there are many more familial relationships across the Star Wars saga that have great importance, and many of them concern sisters and brothers. Writing over at StarWars.com, Amy Richau looks at some of those sibling relationships and why they are so key to the wider story of the galaxy far, far away.

Family relationships have always played a special part in Star Wars stories. And few family bonds are stronger, or in some cases as complicated, than that of siblings. Some Star Wars siblings like Sabine and Tristan Wren grew up together, while others like Luke and Leia didn’t discover their relationship until years later.

Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa

The reveal that Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were brother and sister was one of the most memorable and surprising twists that came out of the original trilogy. Even though they grew up in extremely different circumstances — Luke a moisture farmer on Tatooine, Leia raised as a princess of Alderaan — they always shared a spirit for adventure and a desire to help those in need. Once they found each other their bond would never break — even after a lengthy separation.

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