Felicity Jones thought she’d broken her back filming The Aeronauts

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While shooting her new film, The Aeronauts, Felicity Jones described an on set incident that could have easily ended with a far from happy ending. Jones plays young widow Amelia Wren opposite her The Theory Of Everything co-star Eddie Redmayne who plays headstrong scientist James Glaisher.

Robert Wilson

“Eddie and me were holding hands and hoping for the best as we hit the ground at an incredible velocity. My eye missed the metal corner of this wooden chest, by about five centimetres. I was wearing a corset as well, to add insult to injury, and at that moment I thought I might actually have broken my back, as I couldn’t move.”

After the all-out action of Rogue One you might not expect her to be in such a rambunctious production, but clearly that’s not the case. The Aeronauts is out in UK cinemas now.