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StarWars.com continue their look at the best scenes from films in the Star Wars series with – fittingly – The Empire Strikes Back as Jamie Greene and Kelly Knox pick their favourite moments.

Jamie Green: “Size Matters Not”

In 1980, Star Wars fans weren’t weighed down with decades of lore about the Jedi. We weren’t intimately aware of the Force, its power, and its limitations. If we wanted to dig deep into the Force and learn “what gives a Jedi his power,” we were at a loss. We didn’t have libraries of Star Wars books and comics to read, almost a dozen films, and countless hours of animation to watch.

We had a single film that toyed with some cool ideas.

And then we met Yoda: this weird little puppet who was nothing like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker yet was supposed to be an all-powerful Jedi.

Kelly Knox: “Never tell me the odds”

Adventure. Excitement. A Star Wars fan does crave these things, and the asteroid field scene in Empire delivers thrills and so much more! A high-speed chase among the stars, comedic beats, unforgettable music, and… a space potato? Apologies to Yoda’s sage wisdom and Darth Vader and his galaxy-shattering revelation, but the asteroid field is the single best scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

It’s a few of our favorite rebels against four Star Destroyers, some TIE fighters, and a whole lot of asteroids, plus one very broken hyperdrive in a scene that’s perfectly Star Wars. Green laser bolts burst from the TIE fighter cannons as the Millennium Falcon weaves between the massive starships. And that’s just the start of four minutes of show-stopping action. The Falcon never returns fire, but Han Solo still manages to give the Imperials on board the Star Destroyers a good scare.

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