Gwendoline Christie On Her Transformation For ‘In Fabric’

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Captain Phasma actress, Gwendoline Christie has spoken about her transformation for her role in ‘In Fabric,’ Peter Strickland’s horror movie.

AD: I knew you were in the movie, but I didn’t recognize you until about halfway through the first section. I kept thinking, ‘Who is this actress who looks like Christina Hendricks’s sister? I know her. . .’ Were you looking to change yourself physically?

GC: Yes. Even before drama school, I have been interested in transformation. Different forms, different guises and expressions. Part of the reason I’ve always loved creating images and fashion is the means to transform into a different person or different energy. I really relish the opportunity to change perceptions of me. Or challenge preconceptions of me. I am truly delighted not to be recognizable in the film, because it means that I’ve done my job in terms of serving the story rather than any kind of external profile or identification that I have as an actor. There’s nothing more that I like than being in total service of the story. It truly delighted me to hear you say that!


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