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The Rise Of Skywalker actress, Naomi Ackie, has discussed her role of Jannah with Total Film magazine.

“Jannah is a warrior, and she comes into contact with the rest of the group at a point where they need some help,” Ackie says. “She is part of the Resistance, and she’s spent a long time acquiring skills that might be helpful when it comes to the big conclusion of the film. So she shows up at the right time.”

One of those skills is riding an “orbak” – a new horse-like creature seen in the trailers for The Rise of Skywalker. “I was training for seven months, three times a week, at an amazing horse ranch called The Devil’s Horsemen,” she says of learning how to ride a horse. “By the end of it, I could canter without any hands. I could play catch with balls while on a horse… It’s the best part of the job – you get paid to learn!”