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There no doubt that the foundations of the house that is Star Wars were built primarily by George Lucas, Gary Kurtz, Ralph McQuarrie and John Williams. While Williams may have been the final piece of that particular jigsaw puzzle, it’s impossible to imagine the saga without his indelible contributions. Others have ably followed – Michael Giacchino and John Powell take a bow – but Williams set the template that all others follow.

The Bearded Trio have taken a look at Williams and his music, not only in the Star Wars galaxy but beyond, where his special magic has been every bit as iconic and vital.

1 – Star Wars
It’s one of the biggest franchises in the world and has been since it exploded on to the big screen back in 1977 and of course it needed a soundtrack to compliment the excitement on screen and Williams didn’t disappoint. In fact, when George Lucas heard the soundtrack for the first time during the making of A New Hope, the director said that the music was one of the few elements that exceeded his expectations.