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There are many ingredients to making the perfect 80’s movie. Steven Spielberg, ILM, John Williams and Drew Struzan are arguably four of the most important, and that contribution to the magic of movies was marked recently when Struzan received this stunning poster, designed and crafted by Stranger Things artist  Kyle Lambert.

The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at the evening, which included some of Hollywood’s elite.

Legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan is known for conveying a lot of emotion without words. So it’s only fitting he was left speechless by the end of an intimate career tribute highlighting the artist’s work with some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.

“This is called speechless,” said an emotional Struzan after Stranger Things poster artist Kyle Lambert presented him with a poster paying homage to his life’s work on posters for Star WarsIndiana Jones, E.T., Back to the Future and The Shawshank Redemption.

“I’m thinking about my childhood and how I never had a birthday party, never had a good meal, everywhere I went, I worked my ass off. Nothing was ever given to me before, except by these lovely people,” said Struzan — referring to the directors who hired him over the years, such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Frank Darabont and Guillermo Del Toro.