It’s hardly surprising, when in 2016 you’re in your sixties and on a film set, when a voice from your distant past – 1979 to be precise – says the words ‘young Skywalker’. It’s enough to get us emotional, and we weren’t part of the production of The Empire Strikes Back or The Last Jedi. Little wonder then that Mark Hamill had a moment as he prepared for scenes with our little green friend on the set of Jedi.

Heroic Hollywood took a look at this sweet moment.

After two of the three Star Wars prequels used a CGI version of Yoda, fans were thrilled when the Jedi master made a brief but important appearance in The Last Jedi, but this time as a puppet modeled after the beloved character’s appearance in The Empire Strikes Back over thirty-five years ago. Now, a behind-the-scenes video offers fans a look at Mark Hamill’s emotional reaction to seeing Franz Oz bring the Yoda puppet to life once again.