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With The Rise of Skywalker edging over the billion dollar mark last week and still playing in cinemas around the world, the likelihood is that most people who are keen to see the film have already seen it, so now’s the time to start unpacking many of the details behind the films, the easter eggs that might not be caught on first viewing.

First off, Insider.com bring us a list of 11 things they learned about the film, including this handy quiz-winning nugget.

“One small nugget that somebody may not have picked up on is that as you fly up through that giant lightning tree and you get up to that top of the tree and she hears the voices of the Jedi, that starfield you’re looking at is exactly the ‘Episode IV’ starfield,” Tubach told Insider of the moment right before Rey hears the voices of the Jedi.

“That was very important to J.J. [Abrams],” he added. “He really wanted to have that moment harking back to the very beginning of ‘Star Wars,’ and that I think was bringing it all back together. Seeing those stars and seeing them look exactly that way. It does rotate, but what you end up on is in the beginning of ‘Episode IV.'”

Meanwhile, OhMyDisney bring us 7 things you might not know, including this.

All hail the maestro himself! The inimitable John Williams, composer of all nine Skywalker Saga films, finally appears on screen as a bearded bartender on the planet Kijimi. You can spot him right before Rey, Finn and Poe enter Babu Frik’s shop. Also, if you rearrange the name “Oma Tres,” you can spell “Maestro”!

There’s sure to be plenty more of these articles floating around, so stay tuned and get that knowledge in your own personal databank.

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