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There’s a handy solo mode in Star Wars: Outer Rim that’s just perfect when your friends can’t make it to game night. Check out this FFG preview. And yes, I wrote ‘handy solo’ back there. I make no apologies.

“I don’t have people. I’m alone.”
–Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story

Chasing the stars can be a lonely existence for scoundrels across the galaxy. But even if you see no obstacles in your way, there are always competitors chasing your tail and trying to make a name for themselves. In the Outer Rim, safety is not guaranteed and danger lurks around every corner, and you never know who will betray you when you least expect it.

While Star Wars™: Outer Rim can see you battling up to three of your friends for fame and infamy, it can also be played in solo mode, letting you experience the wonders of the galaxy as you take on an opponent controlled by AI cards and goals. Can you overcome all obstacles and claim superiority at the edge of the galaxy?

Star Wars: Outer Rim
  • Choose one of eight iconic star wars scoundrels and take to the skies to forge your own legend
  • Narrative encounters and jobs put your skills to the test while telling a new story in the Star Wars galaxy
  • Build your legend in your own way, capture bounties, deliver illegal cargo and more in your journey across the outer rim
  • Travel the galaxy with friends or on your own with a unique solo play mode