MEGA magazine is blasting off to a galaxy, far, far away to celebrate Star Wars Day this May 4th! 

Get your kids over to MEGA magazine’s YouTube channel at 2pm to take part in their hilarious Star Wars quiz to find out if they’re a true Star Wars fan. 

Take part in an epic ‘Caption this!’ LEGO Star Wars competition on MEGA magazine’s Twitter to win a year’s subscription to MEGA magazine for your child and for the chance to have your child’s caption creation featured in a MEGA magazine issue. Plus, there will be awesome trivia, powerful polls throughout the day to get involved with! 

Make your Star Wars Day MEGA and may the force be with you!

MEGA is the popular four-weekly British magazine designed to make youngsters’ lives better. We’re kind of a big deal… a bit like LEGO Batman – we come with gadgets, look cool and make people laugh. We haven’t got around to fighting crime yet but, y’know, one step at a time…

The latest issue of MEGA magazine is out in shops and online now!