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The LINE Corporation has launched Akira Aoki’s Star Wars Hanransha-tachi (Star Wars Rebels Manga) on their LINE app.  An adaptation of the Star Wars Rebels animation series.

Star Wars/ Rebels”
Author: Manga / Akira Aoki Original / Supervised by Walt Disney Company / Lucas Film Series Start Date: Friday, December 6th

Contents: The long-awaited comicalization of the TV anime “Star Wars Rebels” presented by Disney and Lucasfilm!

A long time ago, far away in the galaxy. The once peaceful galaxy was now under empire rule. The planet Rosal is one of them. One day, the lonely boy Ezra who lives on the street encounters five rebels in the city trying to confront the empire. I was led by a fate, and I decided to travel with them on a spaceship ghost …!?

Author Achievement: Grand Prize for ” LINE Manga STAR WARS Indies Award 2017

LINE will also publish Star Wars Rebels in print on 13th December in Japan.