Hey Folks? Ready for another design idea?

Again playing with a Raspberry Pi, how about building a lightsaber saber, but well increased. The project was published in the 42nd issue of MagPi magazine, and is completely free to download, and by joining it the creator Richard Hayler also put a step-by-step on his site.

This project is not as simple as the previous one, but not as complicated and uses very cheap materials and you will be able to put something pretty cool. The code, available from the PiSaber GitHub repository, uses an accelerometer to detect movement and light up the string of LEDs on the “blade” accordingly.

The 8×8 LED matrix in the handle cycles through colors at random to create a shimmering effect, and the whole unit fits nicely into the pool tube, powered by a small phone battery charging bank.

This project has a huge potential for adaptation, and by combining these ideas with a more authentic Lightsaber build, you could end up as the coolest Jedi on your street.