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It’s not often I get to celebrate my fandom in work and last Friday started off like every other day did, however that was about to change. Addressed to the Headteacher (I am not!) a parcel arrived in school with the Star Wars logo on it, everyone knows I’m a huge fan and the school office placed it on my desk!

The Train like a the Jedi take home packs for the children who attend the school had arrived!

Fantha Tracks  first reported on the “Train like a Jedi” initiative in May, the scheme is part of Public Health England and their organisation Change for life who are trying to encourage children and young people to get fit and healthy through their love of Disney and Star Wars!

Following the announcement a  teacher’s resource section website became available to download in June.

Schools across the country are using the scheme to in various ways, during P.E lessons and before and after school clubs. My school will be sending the packs home and encouraging children to come to our school club based on the exercises led by Olympian Jade Jones.

Even John Boyega got in on the act and visited his old primary school and performed some moves and led a P.E class with the Year 6 pupils.

The pack includes a 6 week challenge, children are challenged by a Star Wars hero each week to complete a game or activity and are encouraged to do the challenge for at least 10 minutes each day. There is little preparation needed and if children complete the challenge they choose a sticker from the selection and put it on their sticker chart that features 5 planets from the new trilogy and The ship The Supremacy.

The weekly activities are:

1. Tie Fighter with BB8

2. Leia’s Blast Escape

3. Mirror Master moves with Rey

4.The Fathiers’ Wild Ride

5. Finn’s Balancing Act

6. The Crait Escape

The activities need a little bit of an explanation from an adult, but once instructed the children should be able to carry out the games/activities with their friends!

Sometimes the 6 week holiday can be a long haul but this activity pack may break up some of the days for many parents and children while getting fit and enjoying Star Wars at the same time. I know that the sticker chart is already up on our Fridge ready for the start of the holidays!

I know my youngling will be putting her Rey outfit and trying to get as many stickers as possible!