Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #2


Amidst another Emergence following the GREAT DISASTER in hyperspace, the PADAWANS of the STAR HOPPER tried to commandeer a Spider Cruiser to help evacuate the citizens of Trymant IV.

On the alien planet, these Jedi-in-training met the young Force-sensitive Mikkian ZEEN MRALA and her friend KRIX KAMERAT and the terrifying marauders known as the NIHIL….

Writer: Daniel José Older
Penciller: Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodrix (Magnus Arts)
Inker: Harvey Tolibao
Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Cover artist: Harvey Tolibao
Publication date: March 3, 2021
Pages: 31

Picking up right where we left off in that impressive first issue, Lula Talisola, Farzala Tarabal, Qort and Zeen Mrala are surrounded by the Nihil, who demand that the Jedi back off. Enter Master Yoda and the Chagrian healer Master Torban Buck – better known as Buckets of Blood – who clear the immediate area. At the foot of the Spider Cruiser and worried for his friend Zeen, young Krix is asked by Master Tromak if he saw Zeen use the Force. He isn’t sure, but Nihil leader Marchion Ro is, and demands that Krix be left behind. Tromak refuses, saying he needs the youngster as his assistant.

Zeen is concerned for Krix, and asks Master Yoda for his aid in rescuing him, believing from a distance that Tromak has sided with the Nihil. Yoda agees, asking Master Buck to get the padawans to safety. Far more comfortable saving lives than taking them, Buck reluctantly agrees. Yoda is spotted by Marchion Ro, who knows the capability of the diminutive Jedi, and orders Krix to find him. However, aboard the cruiser it’s Yoda who finds Krix, giving him a holoprojector and asking him to contact Zeen. Conflicted, Krix raises the alarm and Yoda makes his escape as a Republic rescue fleet arrives.

Back on the ground, Yoda tells Zeen to follow him to Starlight Beacon, and asking about her friend Krix, Yoda states that only those who wish to be saved can be rescued. As the Nihil ship punches its way through the blockade, Ro tells Krix that Zeen lied to him, and that she was nothing to him. Meanwhile, as the Republic fleet blasts towards Starlight Beacon, an upset Zeen is comforted by Lula, Farzala and Qort as she cries for Bralanak City, the only home she’d ever known.

Another fun issue of The High Republic Adventures, once again brimming with beautiful artwork from Harvey Tolibao and lush colours from Rebecca Nalty. Every page is a treat, every panel spilling with detail and depth, and the double page spread of pages 8 and 9 fully deserves to be a poster or a t-shirt at Celebration Anaheim next year. Daniel José Older once again crisply delivers these new characters, with the only minor grumble being the usage of contemporary phrases such as ‘I got your back’ and ‘we got you’. Much like The Last Jedi and its ‘big ass door’, oft-used phrases embedded in the modern vernacular stand out a mile. If next issue a character asks ‘where’s the beef’ we’ll know there’s been a change of policy, but again it’s a minor observation that doesn’t detract from the fresh, flowing and invigorating ride we’re being taken on.

More of this please team, I’m invested, impressed and very much ready to visit Starlight Beacon with this young crew of characters.


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