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Considering the ever-increasing success of the film industry, it is hard to imagine that movies can help in connecting students to writing and education in general. It seems that the numbers of movies released every month do nothing but distract students from their studies.

However, it would be totally wrong to claim that movies have zero value in turning students back to education. It does not mean that movies directly emphasize the importance of writing. Yet, they often do it covertly by showcasing different means of written communication in the picture. The proven fact is that overall, the film industry advocates for intelligence and literacy.

Students get a chance to study new expressions, elaborate their language skills and learn from natives that all is further reflected in their writing abilities. However, most importantly, movies help their fans get better in writing by making them want to start writing about movies. Sounds like a pun? Let’s see.

Movies Like an Education

Today, we can acknowledge that TV series and movies can contribute to our education. People do not go to the cinema just for fun. In fact, they learn from movies. The expansion of American and British cinematography helps those whose native language is different than English to succeed in learning new sentence structures and words.

Moreover, this education is usually motivating, fun and enjoyable. People can choose what we would like to watch so that they could make their language learning process entertaining. In the end, it all positively reflects on writing skills and language variety.

Writing Movie Reviews

Most importantly, many students are so much in watching movies that they feel the urge to share their opinion with others. In fact, some students can even earn money by submitting well-structured and nice film essays.

Those students who used to google “can someone write my essay for me Australia” have largely improved their grammar and spelling skills after immersing in movie review writing. This fact is confirmed by both language teachers and professional writers online.

Authentic and Varied Language

When we watch movies, we often notice that actors use language patterns and syntax that are far from being traditional or trivial. Therefore, films often become a source of authentic and varied language that helps students learn more about their native language or second language.

Moreover, considering the age that is shown in the movie, students get a chance to distinguish between archaic expressions and the ones that are common till now. The language develops, and students can understand its evolution better by watching films.

Visual Context

Another benefit that makes movies stand out when it comes to writing skills enhancement is the availability of visual context. Watching movies, people get to see how these phrases and expressions are being used in real-life situations. Further, they have a chance to embed them naturally in their natural flow of speech or put them in their writing assignments.

In other words, there are fewer chances of students making mistakes such as inserting idioms in the wrong way or using them in the wrong way. At the same time, they start writing using more elaborated and interesting figures of speech.

Movies about Writing

Currently, lots of movies popularize writing. People notice the emphasis on different means of communication that highlights the importance of written communication. Moreover, whether the movie is about the Victorian era or current time, we can definitely notice either letters or emails being mentioned.

In other words, when students watch movies, they subconsciously comprehend the fact that writing penetrates out daily and business life. Whatever situation might be, the ability to express your mind clearly in writing will definitely help you out.


It is getting more popular among movie fans to try themselves in fan fiction writing. They get so inspired by movie characters that create their own stories. Thus, they get their own audience and need to ensure their writing skills are sufficient for doing such a job.

Scriptwriting and fan fiction have already helped hundreds of people across the U.S. to make a fortune. Such occupations connect movies to writing in the most direct way possible, highlighting the importance of clear and neat writing for reaching out to the audience.

Wrapping it Up

The movie industry has been growing at a high pace trying to satisfy the tastes and demands of a large and diverse population of viewers. Today, cartoons, TV series, short films, movies, and documentaries serve not only to entertain people but also educate them.

Therefore, the majority of movies play a motivational and educative role. One of its aspects is language. Through movies, viewers elaborate and expand their language skills that positively reflect on both speaking and writing.

Movies also encourage students to write about them. Be it a movie review or a fanfiction, students are motivated to improve their writing skills for their opinion to earn likes and go viral.

BIO – Susan Wallace is a freelance writer and journalist who is famous for her independent journalistic research. Since her main field of interest is writing and education, Susan spends a lot of time studying the effect current things and phenomena have on written communication. In this article, she reflects on how movies can connect students to writing and discusses their positive effects.