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Our series of interviews From Different Points of View highlights Star Wars fans from across the world and allows them to tell you about Star Wars fandom from their point of view and how it has influenced their lives and the direction it has taken them.

This week’s point of view is from the United States Of America, and it is Natalie Lucia.

When did your love of Star Wars begin and what was it that drew you to it?

I first saw A New Hope when I was 7. My aunt put it on and said I would enjoy it as there was a princess and she was loud and bossy and opinionated like me. I loved it! All the fight scenes and the space travel and, of course, Leia! My aunt was right. I related to her 100%!

How has Star Wars influenced you?

The real question is more “how hasn’t it?” From the clothes I wear to the things I do for a living, Star Wars is in my blood. I learned to play piano so I could recreate John Williams’ amazing score. I now teach children how to play these exact same themes 31 years later.

I do charity work dressed in costumes from the Star Wars universe on my weekends off. I taught myself how to sew so that I could recreate the amazing costumes from these films and comic books. In obtaining these skills, I am now able to make my own clothes and am also able to make a side income making these costumes for other people.

The women of Star Wars have also influenced me. These women are strong even in diversity. They speak their minds and stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in. It’s taught me to try to follow that in my own life. I took the middle name of “Leia” for my confirmation with the Catholic Church for this very reason. She is the character I look up to and have looked up to since I was a little girl.

What is your most memorable Star Wars moment?

I have been very lucky to have had a few very memorable Star Wars moments in my life but by far, the very best moment thus far has been my experience with Mark Hamill and Omaze. It was a moment that changed my life in a very positive way and made my dream of meeting Mark a reality.

How do you celebrate your fandom, do you for example collect anything, cosplay or have a tattoo?

I collect costumes and wear them! Well, maybe collect is too strong a word but I do make costumes regularly from the Star Wars universe and then wear them to charity events as often as my schedule allows. I also make clothes to wear that reflect the fandom but can be worn in everyday life.

What’s the best part of being a member of Star Wars communities?

The level of acceptance and camaraderie that the fandom has. When you meet someone who has the same ideas and feelings about characters and events you love, it just brings about an immediate feeling of friendship. Some of the best people I know I have met through the Star Wars community.

What are your next plans for Star Wars?

At this very moment, I am busily creating a Qi’Ra inspired outfit to wear to my first trip to Galaxy’s Edge this coming weekend. In the near future, I am planning on tackling a Padme Amidala deleted scene costume and also preparing for D23 which I am sure will bring about news and fun things on The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker.

What are you looking forward to from Lucasfilm Ltd and Star Wars in the future?

More inclusiveness! I was so happy to see such a diverse cast in Rogue One and WOC in TLJ the TRoS. I am happy that Diego and Pedro are leads in upcoming projects. Now I am hoping to see more of this going forward in all avenues.

Is there anything that hasn’t happened yet in Star Wars that you would like to see happen?

A WOC in a leading role in a Star Wars film. Please, please, please!

To end each point of view we ask you to answer some rapid fire questions, gut feeling and no hesitation…

  1. Favourite Star Wars Film? – Rogue One.
  2. Favourite Character? – Tie between Leia & Qi’Ra.
  3. Most ridiculous random piece of merchandise? – Porgs.
  4. Holiday Special or Caravan of Courage? – Eeeeee I guess Caravan since I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever seen the Holiday Special lol.
  5. Clone Wars or Rebels? – The Clone Wars.
  6. Worst Star Wars film? – The Last Jedi.
  7. Porgs or Ewok? – Ewoks.
  8. Treasured Star Wars possession? – My ticket to the Rogue One world premiere signed by Diego, Felicity and Alan.
  9. What colour of lightsaber would you have? – Blue.