Auction website Ebay have teamed up with De La Rue, the British banknote manufacturer ,to produce a limited run of commemorative and exclusive Star Wars banknotes to celebrate The Last Jedi.

Also available for auction are 50 premium notes.

100% of the money raised will be donated to the UK charity Together For Short Lives, whose mission is to secure the best quality of life and best end of life care for children who will have short lives.

In amongst the bids is an exclusive Luke Skywalker Banknote, the person whose bid is successful will receive a personal phone call from the man himself Mark Hamill!

Bidding is live now and the Auction ends 17 Dec, 2017 20:06:38 GMT

Clair Henry was nearly 5 years old when she saw Star Wars for the first time at the Tonic Cinema in Bangor, Northern Ireland in 1977. This was the moment that has shaped and defined her. Clair’s love for Star Wars has not waivered over the last 40 years, embracing all that the franchise has to offer! Clair is the co-host of Planet Leia on Fantha Tracks Radio.