Brick Fanatics post the interesting news that there could be up to three direct-to-consumer LEGO sets coming to market in 2021, and have info on two of them, including an 11,000 piece Death Star set.

Since 2015, the LEGO Star Wars theme has consistently delivered two direct-to-consumer sets per year. These have typically arrived in May and September/October, and fallen under the umbrella of the Ultimate Collector Series (like 75192 Millennium Falcon), the Master Builder Series (like 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina) or somewhere in between (like 75244 Tantive IV).

According to Zusammengebaut, though, the LEGO Group is changing that formula for 2021 by throwing a third direct-to-consumer set into the mix. One is rumoured to be an 11,000-piece Death Star, another is thought to be the long-awaited UCS Republic Gunship, and the identity of the remaining set is a total mystery.

What is certain – at least if this rumoured list turns out to be true – is that you’ll need to hand over a small fortune to take them all home. The Death Star will allegedly cost $799.99, the Republic Gunship will apparently carry a price tag of $349.99, and the number floated for the final set is a smaller – but still expensive – $199.99.


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