The Last Jedi TV Spot: ‘On The Set With Rey’

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Over at ScreenRant, and via my far better half Ruth, here’s another look at the filming of The Last Jedi, with plenty of as-yet-unseen elements that spoilerphobes may want to steer well clear of in a TV spot called ‘On The Set With Rey’.

In the video (watch it above), Daisy Ridley gives moviegoers four reasons to be excited to see The Last Jedi in theaters, as if it being the next Star Wars movie wasn’t enough. The first item on her list is learning the truth about Luke Skywalker, which is where the brief amount of new footage comes in.

It plays as an alternate version of the clip shown during the Noovie pre-show ahead of screenings of Coco, where Rey tells Luke, “We need your help.” Here, we see the other part of that line involves Rey saying she is with the Resistance and was sent by Leia, which is sure to get a response out of Skywalker.

For more insight into the video head to ScreenRant and keep counting the days.

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