Attack of the Clones actor Temuera Morrison is heading into DC Universe once again, playing the role of Arthur Curry’s father in Aquaman starring Jason Momoa, and it seems that has sparked off quite the friendship as Momoa has now brought Tem into the third season of his Netflix show, the 18th Century-set fur trading drama Frontier.

“He’s taken care of me that’s for sure. Jason gave me the nod for Aquaman [Morrison plays Momoa’s character Arthur Curry’s father Thomas], just as an opportunity to meet me. I think Once Were Warriors really moved him in a way both in terms of his culture and his own identity. I think it shook him up a bit. I even heard him say a few words to his kids when they visited the set [on Australia’s Gold Coast]: ‘This is the fella who get me into the business kids’. He really respected my performance.”

Tem was also interviewed on The Project TV about Aquaman and more.