As we pass the two year mark since the passing of Carrie Fisher – two years, where has that gone! – People take a look at her work on The Last Jedi, Not on screen in the role of General Leia, but behind the scenes, script doctoring on set as she punched up her character and her lines. One of her lines played on a scene in The Force Awakens when she commented on Han Solo’s jacket. In The Last Jedi, it was her hair, as Rian Johnson remembers.

“That was her. That was a Carrie Fisher line. Of course it was.”

“In the scene with Holdo, that was Carrie. I think that as Star Wars fans, especially as adults, you can get into a mindset of wanting it to just be the heavy opera. And I don’t know, I was 10 years old when Return of the Jedi came out. That was the perfect age for it. And the humor and the slight goofiness of it also, and kind of the slight free-wheeling feel of it, and how it’s unafraid to have fun, that to me is essential.”

“I would sit down with her and she would just give me … After an hour, I would have filled up pages and pages writing down the notes and one-liners that she would pitch. And so we tried to work them in whenever we could.”